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The File: Case Study in Correction (1977–1979) /
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099$aOnline resource: Springer
100$aLang, Serge.$d1927-2005.
245$aThe File$h[EBook] :$bCase Study in Correction (1977–1979)$cby Serge Lang.
260$aNew York, NY$bSpringer$c1981.
300$aXI, 712 p.$bonline resource.
338$aonline resource
505$aIntroductory Letter to the Reader -- Why bother? (Your point of view). Why bother? (My point of view). Editorial responsibility -- The letters. Introductory and other comments. Objectivity -- The Story: Summary -- A Reply to Lang -- The Ladd—Lipset Surveys—A Brief Review. The Methodology of the 1977 Survey. Survey Research on Public Opinion and Social Values. Sampling. Nonresponse. Question Design and Questionnaire Development. Envoi. -- The File -- “The 1977 Survey of the American Professoriate” -- VERITAS AT HARVARD, by Sigmund Diamond from the New York Review of Books, 28 April 1977 -- The First Year -- One: The Opening Exchange -- Two: From Koblitz’s Letter to Lang’s Fifteen Pages of Comments -- Three: From Lang’s Comments to the Science Article -- Four: From Science to New York Review of Books -- Five: The Garfinkel Letter (“McCarthyism”?) -- Six: The New York Review of Books Article -- The Second Year -- Seven: Trying to Settle Loose Ends -- Eight: The Chronicle Causes a Rebound -- Nine: From Mac Lane’s Letter to the Editors (Notices, AMS) to Lang’s Letter to the Editor (Bulletin, AAUP) -- Ten: The Stakes Are Raised -- Eleven: The “Ratings” Get Publicity -- Twelve: The AAUP—Chronicle Relation -- Thirteen: End of the Second Year -- Into a Third Year -- Fourteen: “McCarthyism”? (Again) -- Fifteen: “Intemperate and Libelous”? -- Sixteen: Ladd—Lipset, Survey Research, Sociology. Can We Generalize? How? -- Seventeen: The Story Goes On -- Eighteen: Closing the File -- Appendices -- Appendix II. Documents on the Carnegie—ACE 1969 Survey -- Lang Letter to Clark Kerr on the 1969 Survey -- Appendix III. “Representative Sampling, I: Non-scientific Literature,” by William Kruskal and Frederic Mosteller -- Appendix IV. Veritas at Harvard -- Some Themes and Issues -- S. Lang -- Correction. “The 1977 Survey of the American Professoriate”: quality; use of the questionnaire; academic effect; administrative effect and public effect. Survey research. Sociology. Social Sciences. VERITAS AT HARVARD. Scholarship: academic only? active? political? Journalistic power; the cc list; letters to the editor. Financial power. Subservience to authority and power: intellectual authority; statutory authority and power. The competence of the surveyors. The personal aspect of the file. The methodology of the file. Collegiality. Responsibility: institutional; journalistic; scientific; personal. Conclusion -- Publication of the File -- Comments and Letters -- “Selective Memory and Scholarly Controversy,” -- Seymour Martin Lipset.
520$aThe File is a collection of documents from a major dispute involving a number of American college professors, mainly mathematicians, statisticians,and sociologists. The controversy was ignited by the mathematician Serge Lang's reaction to a questionnaire, "The 1977 Survey of the American Professoriate", distributed by E. C. Ladd of the University of Connecticut and S. M. Lipset of Stanford. The ensuing discussion - in part acrimonious and personal - soon involved a large group of active and passive participants, and included issues such as survey techniques, evaluation of academic work, public and political honesty, and McCarthyism at Harvard.
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