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Modular units
Tag Description
082$a512.74 (DDC 19)
099$a512.7 KUB
100$aKubert, Daniel S.
245$aModular units$hM$cDaniel S. Kubert, Serge Lang
260$aNew York$bSpringer-Verlag$c1981
300$aXIV, 358 pages$c24 cm.
440$aGrundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften
520$a1 Distributions on Toroidal Groups.- 2 Modular Units.- 3 Quadratic Relations.- 4 The Siegel Units Are Generators.- 5 The Cuspidal Divisor Class Group on X(N).- 6 The Cuspidal Divisor Class Group on X1 (N).- 7 Modular Units on Tate Curves.- 8 Diophantine Applications.- 9 Unramified Units.- 10 More Units in the Modular Function Field.- 11 Siegel-Robert Units in Arbitrary Class Fields.- 12 Klein Units in Arbitrary Class Fields.- 13 Computation of a Unit Index.- Appendix: The Logarithm of the Siegel Functions.
700$aLang, Serge$d1927-2005.
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