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Dynamics, Games and Science: International Conference and Advanced School Planet Earth, DGS II, Portugal, August 28–September 6, 2013

Dynamics, Games and Science: International Conference and Advanced School Planet Earth, DGS II, Portugal, August 28–September 6, 2013
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Dewey Class 515.625
Title Dynamics, Games and Science ([EBook]) : International Conference and Advanced School Planet Earth, DGS II, Portugal, August 28–September 6, 2013 / edited by Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Rolf Jeltsch, Alberto Adrego Pinto, Marcelo Viana.
Added Personal Name Bourguignon, Jean-Pierre
Jeltsch, Rolf
Pinto, Alberto Adrego
Viana, Marcelo
Other name(s) SpringerLink (Online service)
Edition statement 1st ed. 2015.
Publication Cham : Springer International Publishing , 2015.
Physical Details XVIII, 772 pages : 141 illus., 94 illus. in color. : online resource.
Series CIM Series in Mathematical Sciences 2364-950X ; ; 1
ISBN 9783319161181
Summary Note The focus of this volume is research carried out as part of the program Mathematics of Planet Earth, which provides a platform to showcase the essential role of mathematics in addressing problems of an economic and social nature and creating a context for mathematicians and applied scientists to foster mathematical and interdisciplinary developments that will be necessary to tackle a myriad of issues and meet future global economic and social challenges. Earth is a planet with dynamic processes in its mantle, oceans and atmosphere creating climate, causing natural disasters, and influencing fundamental aspects of life and life-supporting systems. In addition to these natural processes, human activity has developed highly complex systems, including economic and financial systems; the World Wide Web; frameworks for resource management, transportation, energy production and utilization; health care delivery, and social organizations. This development has increased to the point where it impacts the stability and equilibrium in human societies. Issues such as financial and economic crisis, sustainability, management of resources, risk analysis, and global integration have come to the fore. Written by some of the world’s leading specialists, this book presents the proceedings of the International Conference and Advanced School Planet Earth, Dynamics, Games and Science II, held in Lisbon, Portugal, 28 August -6 September 2013, which was organized by the International Center of Mathematics (CIM) as a partner institution of the international program Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013. The book describes the state of the art in advanced research and ultimate techniques in modeling natural, economic and social phenomena. It constitutes a tool and a framework for researchers and graduate students, both in mathematics and applied sciences, focusing mainly on dynamical systems, game theory, and applied sciences.:
Contents note Preface -- Foreword -- 1 Corruption, Inequality and Income Taxation: E. Accinelli et al -- 2 Discrete Symmetric Planar Dynamics: B. Alarcón et al -- 3 Decision Analysis in a Model of Sports Pricing Under Uncertain Demand: A.A. Álvarez-López et al -- 4 Growth Diagrams and Non-Symmetric Cauchy Identities on NW (SE) Near Staircases: O. Azenhas et al -- 5 Clustering Techniques Applied on Cross-Sectional Unemployment Data: C. Balsa et al -- 6 A Note on the Dynamics of Linear Automorphisms of a Convolution Measure Algebra: A. Baraviera et al -- 7 Periodic Homogenization of Deterministic Control Problems via Limit Occupational Measures: M. Bardi et al -- 8 On Gradient like Properties of Population Games, Learning Models and Self Reinforced Processes: M. Benaim -- 9 Wave Interaction with Floating Bodies in a Stratified Multilayer Fluid: F.S. Cal et al -- 10 Shannon Switching Game and Directed Variants: A.P. Cláudio et al -- 11 A Proposal to Measure the Functional Efficiency of Futures Markets: M. Consuegra et al -- 12 On the Fundamental Bifurcation Theorem for Semelparous Leslie Models: J.M. Cushing -- 13 Review on Non-Perturbative Reducibility of Quasi-Periodically Forced Linear Flows with two Frequencies: J. Lopes Dias -- 14 Collateral Versus Default History: M. Faias et al -- 15 Regularity for Mean-Field Games Systems with Initial-Initial Boundary Conditions: the Subquadratic Case: D.A. Gomes et al -- 16 A Budget Setting Problem: O. Gomes -- 17 Dynamic Political Effects in a Neoclassic Growth Model with Healthcare and Creative Activities: L. Guimaraes et al -- 18 An Introduction to Geometric Gibbs Theory: Y. Jiang -- 19 Sphere Rolling on Sphere - Alternative Approach to Kinematics and Constructive Proof of Controllability: F. Silva Leite et al -- 20 The Dual Potential, the Involution Kernel and Transport in Ergodic Optimization: A. O. Lopes et al -- 21 Rolling Maps for the Essential Manifold: L. Machado et al -- 22 Singleton Free Set Partitions Avoiding a 3-Element Set: R. Mamede -- 23 Some Results on the Krein Parameters of an Association Scheme: V. Moco Mano et al -- 24 A Periodic Bivariate Integer-Valued Autoregressive Model: M. Monteiro et al -- 25 The Macrodynamics of Employment under Uncertainty: P.R. Mota et al -- 26 A State Space Model Approach for Modelling the Population Dynamics of Black Scabbardfish in Portuguese Mainland Waters: I. Natário et al -- 27 Entropy and Negentropy: Applications in Game Theory: E. Oliva -- 28 Micro-Econometric Analysis of New Household Formation in Spain: O. Montoro Peinado -- 29 An Adaptive Approach for Skin Lesion Segmentation in Dermoscopy Images Using a Multiscale Local Normalization: J. Pereira et al -- 30 Chaotic Dynamics and Synchronization of von Bertalanffy’s Growth Models: J. Leonel Rocha et al -- 31 Three Dimensional Flows: From Hyperbolicity to Quasi-Stochasticity: A.A. P. Rodrigues -- 32 Dengue in Madeira Island: H.S. Rodrigues et al -- 33 The Number of Saturated Numerical Semi groups with a Determinate Genus: J.C. Rosales et al -- 34 Modern Forecasting of NOEM Models: M. Sànchez Sánchez -- 35 An Overview of Quantitative Continuous Compound Analysis: R. Santos et al -- 36 Varying the Money Supply of Commercial Banks: M. Shubik et al -- 37 Optimal Control of Tuberculosis: A Review: C.J. Silva et al -- 38 A Bayesian Modelling of Wildfires in Portugal: G.L. Silva et al -- 39 Minimum H-Decompositions of Graphs and its Ramsey Version – A Survey: T. Sousa.
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